Client Testimonials

We have had the privilege to work with great clients. This is a small sampling of testimonials that clients have provided us with over the years on LinkedIn and Alignable.

Group Housing, M. Bower

These web experts went above and beyond to help make my new company. The new company would not have made it if it wasn't for Web Experts and the true dedication they have for their clients. The best group of people that I have ever worked with and will always recommend.

Services Provided: Complex Application Development, Web Hosting

Turner Enterprises, P. Evans

Web Experts are very skilled IT professionals that I have had the pleasure of working with at Turner Broadcasting and S.E. Services. They are wonderful with clients and come up with innovative, detailed solutions. I continue to call on them when expertise is needed! They are extremely dependable and have great follow through as well.

Services Provided: Complex Application Development, Web Hosting

ComplyRx, R. Duhe

Look no further if you need a mobile applications software development team that will truly partner with you. Elliott and his team have worked closely with my organization for over one year and he consistently demonstrates a superior depth of software development knowledge, as well as a genuine concern for the overall success of our projects and company. Elliott and Web Experts continue to be collaborative business partners and trusted advisors.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Mobile App Development

Porter Novelli, J. Jones

If you are looking for innovative web solutions to your most pressing business needs, Web Experts is the place to go. From creative web design to complex and customized applications or strategic SEO, they truly are the experts. I've had the privilege of knowing Web Experts for more than a decade and it's been a thrill to watch his company grow with, and lead, the web evolution. I highly recommend this team.

Services Provided: Online Advertising Management, Search Engine Optimization, Application Development, Website Design, Intranet Devlopment

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , M. Kirkconnell Hall

Elliott and Andrea at Web Experts were able to convert a long Word document into a 508 compatible .pdf file for us on a very tight timeline and on very short notice. Great value for the product, too.

Services Provided: 508 Compliance

ICF International, W. Passin

I've worked with Web Experts on several occasions to help make several large documents and files 508 compliant. They offer the lowest prices and yet still also provide such high quality, customer-oriented services. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the work they have done for me. Highly recommend them for your 508 compliance jobs.

Services Provided: 508 Compliance

Oracle , V. Olivieri

Elliott was simply one of the best web designer and programmer that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Elliott is excellent at what he does because he is client oriented, always probing further to truly understand the clients business, their opportunities, their needs and how to extend that business to the Internet in the most impactful way. He is extremely passionate about deliveing excellence every single time, and he works very hard at the small details that set apart a good design from a great design. Elliott worked on some of the most ambitious projects for 3rd Millennuim Communications (later renamed Enterpulse) such as MVP.com and Alloette.com. He has experience in all aspects of programing, such as the front end web design, back end programing such as SQL, has first hand experience with ERP systems such as PeopleSoft, and also develops highly sophisticated custom software programs for corporate security and marketing. He is also one of the best FLASH programers I have known. If the Internet is an opportunity for your business or is at all remotely important, then I highly recommend Elliott Augustine as a specialist that can take your business to the next level on the web.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Develpopment

11 Alive News Atlanta, C. Reynolds

Elliott and his staff have the seamless operation of a large company, but the attention given to me as a client was personal and thorough. No idea seems too big for Elliott to tackle. He uses his experience and his current industry savvy to provide the best solutions for business growth and integrated operations.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

Grady Health System, K. Frashier

"Web Experts was able to launch Grady Health System's website, develop a complex online vendor application, and brought the site back up within six hours after it was hacked on a Saturday night. Fast, accurate, detail-oriented and an excellent service value in my book."

Services Provided: Website Design, Application Development, Website Maintenance

DeKalb Magistrate Court & Neutral Advocacy, L. Jones

Elliott is an incredible innovator and out-of-the box solution driven designer of web-based marketing platforms and applications. Whether you are seeking to push or capture information to maximize your market reach and business opportunities, he's your guy.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, L. McClarty

"For the past two and a half years, Web Experts has been my organization's web designer. I have found them to be thorough and well informed on the cutting edges of web development and search engine optimization. The Web Experts team are out of the box thinkers that will constantly push the envelope. A great member of any marketing and business development team."

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Development, Web Hosting

Advent PDS & American Associate of Architects Past President, K. Gwinner

"Web Experts designed my website and did an excellent job of developing the concept and implementing content. They were extremely professional and thorough. I have received numerous complements on the website, and I attribute all of them to this team. They worked very hard to get excellent placement in search engines - another specialty of theirs. They are truly experts in web development and understand the internet business thoroughly. I highly recommend Web Experts to anyone."

Services Provided: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Consulting, Application Development

DARP - Rowdy Records, D. Polite

"Web Experts is a top notch IT Professional and can work in all environments. His level of expertise and knowledge in this industry is hard to match. I strongly recommend his services to anyone looking to seriously up your web presence with a creative and attention getting product.

Services Provided: Large Scale Web Portal Development, Website Maintenance, Internet Consulting, Web Hosting

Physician Pain + Wellness, J. Toland

We enlisted the help of Elliott Augustine almost a year ago. This was a shot in the dark as you never know what these situations will bring. We have been so impressed with Elliott's work, his staff, his management and expertise. Elliott's firm also has the keen ability to talk thru situations and keep the calm. Therefore, results are obtained thru on-time goal setting. Being the practice manager for a medical practice with another upcoming internal start up business I have much to conquer during the day and would be lost without the guidance of Elliott and his team. Trustworthy, communicative, knowledgeable are a few descriptions of Web Experts and I am glad I found them!

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Web Hosting, Website Design, Content Creation

Decatur Self Storage, M. Easterwood

I hired Web Experts to build my website and they did a great job. We get a good bit of business now directly from the website. We use them regularly for website maintenance and they also provided us with invaluable Search Engine Optimization for our website and Social Media advice that has tremendously helped my business as well. I highly recommend them!

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design, Ecommerce

Decatur Family Psychiatry, Doctor R. Sanders

My work with Web Experts has been great. Elliott and his Web Experts are helpful, patient, and talented. I had no idea what I was doing in trying to set up a webpage (still don't) but they made it virtually painless. It didn't cost a fortune either. A great team. A great organization. Thanks Web Experts!!

Services Provided: Website Design, Web Hosting, Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance,

August, Lang & Husak , B. Lang

Elliott and his staff at Web Experts did a great job of addressing the 508 compliance needs for our government client. They were extremely responsive given a our fast approaching deadlines.

Services Provided: 508 Compliance

Challenger Space Center, K. Meehan Coop

The Web Experts.com team really saved us! We had hired another consultant to create 508 compliant documents and more than halfway through the process they notified us that they wouldn't be able to fulfill the contract. When I reached out to Elliott he not only responded right away with complete and accurate information, but his team was able to complete our project under an extremely tight schedule. If it hadn't been for Web Experts.com we would have never met our deadline. I would definitely work with them again.

Services Provided: 508 Compliance

Quality Technology Services , J.M. Porson

I've have the good fortune to know Elliott for 15 years now. Elliott was one of the first outsourced Web Development firms we partnered with when I was at MindSpring Enterprises. Elliotts depth of knowledge is second to none, running the gamut from complex back-end programming and application architecture, to exceptional design and project management skills. He's customer focused, treats every engagement as if it's the most important project he's ever tackled, and he delivers oustanding work every time. I couldn't recommend Elliott and Web Experts more highly.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

The Home Depot, G. Lafayette

We were extremely pleased in working with Elliott on a major web developing & design project for one of our clients. He was highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, creative & has superior business ethics. He has good follow through & was able to successfully convey the process so that it was understandable. We were glad to partner with Web Experts!

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

SK Collaborative , C. Seville

I can't overemphasize Elliott's knowledge of the inner workings of the internet and search engine optimization. After implementing several of his recommendations, within weeks my site appeared on the first page of major search engines. He knows his business like no one else.

Services Provided: SEO, Web Hosting, Ecommerce,Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

The Village Vets, Doctor W. Draper

We hired Elliott team at Web Experts to help drive more pet-owning consumers to our animal emergency clinic website, therefore bringing more emergencies to our business. Within a month of bringing him on board, we are seeing fantastic results, and a related increase in our traffic and sales. Elliott is delivering his promise for us to "dominate", and we couldn't be more pleased. I've already reached out to him to do the same for my daytime practices. You can't go wrong with Elliott and Web Experts.

Services Provided: SEO, Web Hosting, SMO, Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

Co2Connection, J. Carter

Elliott was instrumental in helping me hone my concept for a web-based business. His support, enthusiasm and deep knowledge proved crucial to my venture's development.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Design

Emory Conference Center Hotel, K. Johnson

Eliott and his team have done a great job for the Decatur Rotary Club. We really appreciate him taking us to the next level!

Services Provided: Website Maintenance, Website Design

Oakhurst Realty Partners, B. Lester

Elliott's team at Web Experts performed a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program for one of our companies and we saw results instantaneously. The tools that the Web Experts team brought to bear on the project were extremely effective and have produced results well beyond our expectations. The icing on the cake was the friendly, approachable nature of everyone we worked with at Web Experts. I highly recommend them and am already evaluating other companies that I own for which to use Web Experts SEO services.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

Collaborative Solutions , D. Tegart

Elliott is a very skilled IT professional that I have had the pleasure of working with at Turner Broadcasting and S.E. Services. He is wonderful with clients and comes up with innovative, detailed solutions. I continue to call on him when expertise is needed! He is extremely dependable and has great follow through as well.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

Fifth Third Bank , J. Conn

Elliott has proved to be a very valuable resource to several non-profit groups that he and I are affiliated with. He volunteers a lot of this time with these groups and is very knowledgeable in his field. Elliott was able to communicate with us in a way that helped us understand how we can better utilize our websites. I highly recommend him. If you have any questions, I can be reached at 404-929-7689. Jason Conn

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

Realty ONE Group, R. Gray

Elliott's enthusiasm for web design and his ability to develop and apply new technology for his customers' websites has put Web Experts in a league of its own. As a boss, he never fails to challenge his employees to think beyond the conventional and see the potential for greatness in their work. Working with him as an employee or client is truly an enlightening experience.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

PCCI, M. Schuelke

I would highly recommend Elliott and Web Experts for your companies web design and programming needs. Elliott has a great ability to be a problem solver - not just respond to directives. More specifically, I could only articulate a general concept for my project but Elliott was the one to bring the project to "life" and to create a practical workplan. I have worked with designers and developers in the past who are not capable of developing concepts and helping clients with their comprehensive needs. He is very capable and has forward thinking ideas.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

Avenue822 & MarciaSherrill.com, M. Sherrill

Elliott is a consummate professional who never leaves anything to chance. He is dogged with projects and adamant about reaching golas, objectives and deadlines. For my websites and streaming video, Elliott managed every aspect of production and was extremely dedicated to the smallest nuance. His work ethic is unimpeachable.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

RD Direct, R. Richards

Elliott has always exhibited the highest level of integrity in our business dealings. His expertise and knowledge of the business technology landscape was instrumental in the launch of my company.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Web Hosting, Website Design

Georgia Institute of Technology , J. James

I had the pleasure of working with Elliott and Web Experts while I was with Quadras. He is very knowledgeable and thorough, offering solid recommendations.

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design

Adventure Tourism Guru, C. Gwinner

I've seen Elliott's work first-hand and its always been top-notch. His web solutions have a nice balance of function and creativity. I would recommend Web Experts without hesitation!

Services Provided: Internet Consulting, Website Maintenance, Website Design


Web Experts took my mobile app idea to the next level! They provided a timeline that was consistent with excellent customer service and app development. I had an amazing experience with Web Experts that I would recommend anyone with a mobile app idea to give them a call for consultation.

Services Provided: SEO, Web Design

Life Degree Society

Almost 2 decades of being up and running speaks for itself but I've had the pleasure of working with them and have seen firsthand the dedication that the team puts into their projects. Whether it's an initial consult, an app, a webpage, or compliance work, you're in good hands with these guys. Highly recommend them!

Services Provided: SEO, Web Design

Platinum Aerial Contractors, LLC

Elliot is fantastic to work with and he knows his stuff!

Services Provided: SEO, Web Design

Elite Auctions

My many years of experience working with Elliott have proven to me that he is one of the most dedicated, hard working, and committed individuals I have every met. He takes on his projects with all his energy does not give up until he succeeds. He has exceptional customer service and technical skills and he always puts them to their best use.

Services Provided: Web Design

Creative Reign Studios

Web Experts will provide you with unmatched excellence! I would recommend them for all your SEO/SMM and App development needs.

Services Provided: Marketing, Online Advertising

OSK Styles, LLC

Whether it's digital marketing or building your ideal website and mobile app; Web Experts is who you want to turn to!

Services Provided: SEO, Web Design

Calkins Design

Elliott and his team are top-notch. Energetic, ready to work, committed, and deliver great results within any budget or timeline, never sacrificing quality.

Services Provided: SEO, Web Design, Website Maintenance

Will's Getaways LLC

I personally know the owner Elliott. This is a great guy with a great team and an outstanding service to offer.

Services Provided: SEO, Web Design, Web Hosting